Canopy Elements

Elements offers a bespoke ½ day program aimed at getting your team in the great outdoors of Hong Kong. We offer adventure races around Hong Kong, where your team will split into sub teams and take on tasks that will test your employee’s strategic thought and decision making.

Ever wanted to experience the traditional Chinese paddle sport of dragon boating? We offer a half day dragon boat program in which we will tell you about the rich history of the sport as the basics of the dragon boating technique before a coached paddle session and finish with some exciting inter-team racing. Dragon boating is the ultimate test of working together towards the same goal in time making it the perfect teambuilding activity.

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In Action

HK50 Podium Finish


Team Lidl Moontrekker




Canopy Core

Core consists of a full day of teambuilding programs, usually with one activity running in the morning and one in the afternoon with lunch available at the prestigious Kellet Island or idyllic Middle Island.  As well as adventure races and dragon boating, we offer business simulations for your team, eco tours across beautiful beaches and waterfalls in Hong Kong, and environmental based projects to lend a helping hand to the environment. We will tailor and deliver your Core program with your teambuilding objectives in mind.

For a full consultation of your needs and objectives, contact us